[IronPython] blog post about my FuturePython talk last week

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You might want to look at System.Environment.OSVersion - there's a Platform enum hanging off of that as well as general version info.  I'm not sure what it displays under Mono though.  There's also System.Environment.Version but that seems to be just a Version struct which isn't as rich as the OS version info.

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I put up a post about the talk I did last week "futurepython" (on
IronPython and Python 3.0).
The post is here:
Michael Foord has some notes about getting the presentation software I
wrote for the talk (in a couple of hours) working on Windows on his
blog at http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/weblog/arch_d7_2006_12_09.shtml#e577

Note that the software is a very very rough port of the current-SVN of
Bruce to IronPython. It has many many missing bits (for instance, the
autotyping in the interpreter and the like)

So... anyone know a sane and simple way to detect the underlying
platform from Mono/.Net? If os.popen() didn't make Mono crash, I could
always do something like checking the output of os.popen("/bin/ls") -
but that's not an option for now.

BTW - the reference to Jim as a "crazy person" is because of his
initial stated reason for writing IronPython - just to write a mean
paper about .Net :-)
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