[IronPython] IronPython 1.0 Beta 3 Released!

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Wed Feb 15 15:48:43 PST 2006

Hello IronPython Community,

	We have just released IronPython 1.0 Beta 3. This release is primarily a bug fix release as we drive towards IronPython 1.0.  Unfortunately we didn?t get to review the PythonEngine APIs in this release but will be getting this done for the next beta.  

	We also continue to work on improving CLR and Python interop.  In this release we?ve added support for an assembly path (clr.Path) for assembly dependency resolution.  If you?re currently using clr.AddReferenceToFile(???) you?ll need to modify these calls to update the path and then add a reference without a full path (this will ensure dependencies get resolved in an orderly fashion).  We?ve also improved our array support, adding both slicing operations for arrays and a new array creation syntax: System.Array[int]((2,3,4,5)) will create an integer array with the values 2,3,4 and 5.

	Finally we continue to advance standard Python compatibility with the addition of a few new built-in modules: struct, codecs, and marshal.  These are some of the most-requested modules from the community. 

You can download the release from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=F22E51E5-B82E-4A54-9CCC-3418E0BF5639&displaylang=en 

	We'd like to thank everyone in the community for your bug reports and suggestions that helped make this a better release: allenwb, Flexibal, Giles Thomas, glchapman, Hector Miuler Malpica Gallegos, Shigeru Hemmi, Jesse Kaplan, John Platt, Matt Beckuis, Michael Shilman, Michael Twomey, Mike Hostetler, mrwizard82d1, Nicholas Jacobson, Paparipote, Ravi Terala, Sanghyeon Seo, Stanpinte, Thomas, and Vargaz.

Thanks and keep in touch,
The IronPython Team

More complete list of changes and bug fixes:

Python CodeDom generator, parser, and compiler implemented
Bugfix: string.split() throws incorrect exception
Bugfix: Compiled module not initialized properly when imported
Resource support for the compiler
Bugfix: Compiler throw on invalid syntax
Many parser fixes for handling invalid syntax
Improved test support for running tests in multiple modes
Bugfix: Exception.args cannot be accessed from Python code
Bugfix: sys.exc_info()[1] in except block yields CLR exception instance, not Python exception instance
Bugfix: Data from exception does not capture all arguments
Bugfix: sys is missing sys.byteorder
Built-in function enhancements
Bugfix: Ctrl-C support in Console
Bugfix: __str__ not working on new style classes
Bugfix: implement ?x command line parameter
Bugfix: Do not generate EXEs and PDBs as by-products by default (-X:SaveAssemblies overrides)
Bugfix: Meta-classes not doing the right thing in some cases
Bugfix: RE_Pattern.finditer() requires optional arguments
Bugfix: re.groupindex() returns non-empty dictionary even w/ no symbol groups
Bugfix: Context not flowing to compiled code when executed with eval
Bugfix: Null reference exception in PythonEngine.DumpException
Bugfix: sys.LoadAssemblyFromFile() should search sys.path for the specified assembly (searches clr.Path)
Bugfix: Dynamic overloading of ReflectedMethod?s is broken
Bugfix: Displaying a multi-dimensional array with lower-bounds is broken
Bugfix: Conflict between IList and overloaded indexers
Bugfix: list w/ a key isn?t a stable sort
Bugfix: built-in functions shouldn?t ever be bound
Bugfix: ReflectOptimizer can now properly distinguish between methods & static functions
Bugfix: Finish cleanup of caller context changes
Bugfix: typo in lambda
Bugfix: NewTypeMaker single object array params may have adverse affects on keyword / params args
Bugfix: Inheriting from built-in type damages super type
Bugfix: MakeNew collisions resulting in unverifiable assemblies w/ NewTypeMaker
Bugfix: Python class subclassing .NET class: constructor weirdness?
Tutorial includes information on creating events from Python
Bugfix: Eval still leaks for many corner-cases
Bugfix: problems with exec
Bugfix: exec doesn?t use proper environment in a class def
Bugfix: Unable to remove event handlers completely sometimes
Bugfix: List comparison fails with class instances
Bugfix: Display floats w/ lots of precision correctly
Bugfix: Import __main__ raises ImportError
Bugfix: Implement _codecs built-in module
Bugfix: Precision field not used with string-formatting codes
Bugfix: Can?t access globals from inside exec running in the class body or function
Bugfix: String subclass test in string_tests.py is disabled
Bugfix: Should be able to use a CLR Hashtable or Dictionary<> to provide keyword bindings of arguments using the ** operator
Bugfix: vars() -- TypeError: vars() argument must have __dict__ attribute
Bugfix: When keyword argument and unpacking argument lists together...
Bugfix: For functions of arity >= 6, called with wrong number of arguments, the TypeError reports the actual number incorrectly
Bugfix: Iron Python Exceptions need to be marked serializable
Bugfix: list of lambdas only evaluates first expression
Bugfix: ReflectedProperty.__set__ does not check for setter==null before checking setter.IsStatic
Bugfix: Support mapping key in string formatting operation
Bugfix: Equality comparison for slices is broken

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