[IronPython] SslStream exception

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You have two options: You can catch a Python exception or a .NET exception, and you'll get either the Python exception object or the .NET exception object.  To catch a .NET exception as a Python exception you need to catch the closest base exception which might be Exception or SystemError (if you let the exception go unhandled it's whatever gets reported there).  To catch the .NET exception you just need to grab it from the correct namespace, for example:

        # do something
except System.ArgumentException, ex:
        print ex

and ex will end up being the ArgumentException instance.

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Hi there,

I'm new to IronPython and I would like to know how can I catch an
exception generated by SslStream, Example:

client = TcpClient(self.server, self.port)

sslStream = SslStream( client.GetStream(), False,
RemoteCertificateValidationCallback (self.ValidateServerCertificate),

except <HERE?> :

   ....  <HERE?> ...

Is there any link where I can read about it and found some examples?


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