[IronPython] .NET Framework 2 and Windows Update

Bill64bits garage_dba at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 26 16:15:14 PST 2007

I read it is standard with Vista. 
That's only 90 million new pc's next year. That enough?
I thought 3.0 would be on it, but guess not.

As far as XP goes, maybe the OEM stuff now has 2.0 on it.
What brand of laptop did you get?
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  Hello all,

  I recently acquired a new laptop, running Windows Media Center (based on 

  As part of the initial update, .NET 2.0 was installed (at least the 

  Is this now standard practise for Windows update, has anyone else seen 
  this ?

  If it is true that the .NET 2.0 runtime is now a 'standard' part of 
  Windows, this is good news for IronPython. Of course I might have been 
  hallucinating. :-)

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