[IronPython] [Bulk] IronPython.sln and .NET 3.5/Visual Studio 2008

Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell rpehlm at btinternet.com
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No problem for lil 'ol me :)


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> Hello IronPython Community, a couple months ago we began using the beta
> versions of .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 for IronPython development.
> With respect to the IronPython sources this means that we had to upgrade
> the Visual Studio 2005 solution file, IronPython.sln, to Visual Studio
> 2008.  We are *not* using any new C# 3.0 features at this time and
> actually pass a flag to the msbuild tool ensuring that we're building and
> testing against .NET 2.0.
> Since this change occurred, we've been backporting solution file
> modifications to the 2005 version and testing the 2008 version as well for
> the 2.0 Alpha releases.  Now that .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 have
> been officially released, we'd like to begin distributing only the 2008
> solution file.  The major reason for wanting to do this is so that we can
> get IP releases out more quickly (i.e., no need to rerun all of our tests
> on sources built under VS2005 or manually modify the 2005 solution file).
> The impact on Windows users who build IronPython from sources would be:
> * It will be necessary to install .NET 3.5 or Visual Studio 2008 to get
> the new version of msbuild
> * When building IronPython.sln from the command-line, you'll need to pass
> in an extra argument - "/ToolsVersion:2.0" - to msbuild
> We felt it would be best get feedback from users who build IP from sources
> before making this change.  Ideally we'd like to make the switch for the
> next Alpha release (which should be available around the third week of
> December), but the change could be delayed if there are many objections.
> All comments are welcome!
> The IronPython Team
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