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Howard Hansen hrhan at att.net
Mon Aug 4 20:03:55 PDT 2008

Max R. Yaffe wrote:
> Note:  I originally wrote this to Harry Pierson directly who asked that I
> post it publically. I hope it doesn't come off as too inflamatory.
> Harry - Thanks for the roadmap and the latest update.  It clarifies a
> particular issue that I'm having with deciding whether to adopt Iron Python
> and .Net for that matter.  My particular application is a scientific
> instrument control and data analysis package.  It runs on Windows now using
> various older MS technologies (dating back to Windows 2.3!).  It will not
> need to run from a web browser, mainly because of the requirements for
> instrument control.  The application is highly scripted using a dynamic
> language of my own devising derived from Smalltalk and remarkably similar to
> Python.  
> I had been looking at Qt 4.x+PyQt+Python 2.5 as an approach to updating my
> technology.  However, I wanted to see what Microsoft had to offer.  WinForms
> + Python seems to be the best fit for my technology because of the need to
> manipulate data tables and my desire to avoid the web.  Silverlight just
> doesn't offer me any advantage and seems to be directed at pretty pictures
> and sounds.  It also doesn't seem to handle the kinds of user/data
> interaction I need.  XAML also doesn't seem to offer any advantage for my
> code, or if it does, it certainly isn't clear what it might be other than a
> YAOUHD (yet another obese, unreadable HTML derivative).  Your roadmap,
> however, seems to deprecate WinForms.  I'm worried that IronPython and
> Microsoft are going to cut WinForms adrift just when I'm about to make a
> major investment in it.  This might be the best approach for Microsoft
> because it seems the "community" is mainly interested in pictures, sounds,
> and the web. But I need something more classical.
> I'd appreciate your comments and direction.
> Max Yaffe
> Gamry Instruments, Inc.
I am wondering why you haven't looked at WPF, Windows Presentation 
Foundation, and IronPython.  You can develop your interface in WPF 
without using XAML and IronPython  will eventually be compatible with 
Cpython 2.5.


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