[IronPython] How to import python folders as modules

Jose Ignacio Gisbert jigisbert.etra-id at grupoetra.com
Tue Feb 26 23:03:35 PST 2008

Ok, sorry guys for my lack of information. 

What I have is a folder called xmpp, with .py files including __init__.py In
python2.5 I import it as normal module and it works perfectly, but in

What I do is to create a folder named "xmpp" under App_Script folder (so
xmpp path it's no necessary I think), and after I attach xmpp files to it
(including __init__.py). 

Then, I import module as I did in Python, "import xmpp", and what I receive
is an error message with "No module named xmpp"

I am sure I do not using well Ironpython (I am new here), so if you need
more information please tell me.

Thanks again and I am waiting for your response

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j igisbert.etra-id wrote:
> Hi Dino, Thanks for your response, but I was not refering to pyxmpp. I 
> am using xmpppy, http://xmpppy.sourceforge.net/ , and as long I have 
> read, it does not contain any C Extension Library (or perhaps yes...). 
> In normal Python it runs perfect, so it is no problem of the library
> Yes, it contains an __ini__.py file, so that is because I do not 
> understand why it does not work.

I hope you mean __init__.py, not __ini__.py

Please give some concrete information, instead of "it does not recognize 
them" and "it does not work".

(1) What is the full path .....\xmpppy\__init__.py ?

(2) When you do
     import sys; print sys.path
what do you see? In particular, does it include the answer to (1) ?

(3) When you follow immediately with
     import xmpppy
what exactly (copy/paste!) do you see?

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