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Ben Hall ben2004uk at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 25 02:33:46 PDT 2008

Hi Stefan,

An interesting approach - you want people to collaborate so you start
a new project?

When writing the editors, people have lots of different reasons for
doing so - not everyone wants to create an IDE, some people just want
to create a cool sample to learn Silverlight \ DLR which they then
release.  Some people don't want to collaborate with others, that is
not their aim and you can't blame people for that.

Personally, since releasing IronEditor I have had loads of people
sending me sample code, feature requests, and some other really really
interesting stuff. People are collaborating behind the scenes to
improve the application, personally I have a list of other people I
want to contact about improving the application and working together.
Same with Michael Foord's TryPython, lots of people provided feedback
after he went live. Collaboration isn't just code.

Good luck with your IDE, but open source projects are not as easy as
they sound, I look forward to seeing how it goes.  I tried to make
this point on your post, however your spam filter wasn't displaying
any images - makes it difficult to make a comment then :)

On a side note, if people want to help with IronEditor - contact me
offline.  Thanks for everyone who has already.



On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 7:38 AM, Stefan Dobrev <stefan.dobrev at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Wouldn't be nice if we all create a DLR IDE. I have being thinking for this
> for quite some times recently. As usually happens someone else also has been
> thinking of this and actually blogged about it here. Saying:
> ---
> So what's my point?  I think all of these projects are great and kudos to
> the people that built them.  It takes a lot of time and effort above and
> beyond just regular work hours. I have been there myself, my hats off to you
> folks!  But, there are 8 versions of the interactive console and a few
> versions of a basic code editor.  I know it may be a dream, but it would be
> great to collaborate with these people and write out a simple set of
> requirements for what a great DLR console and code editor would be.  And
> then as a virtual team, implement it.
> After all, to a large degree, it will be how well supported the language is
> from a tools perspective that will really determine the rate of adoption.
> And right now, the tools (or IDE) experience for Dynamic Languages on .NET
> is severely lacking to the point of having several people independently
> developing their own tooling.  In this post I only pointed out a handful of
> these tools and I know there are others, but I was really targeting
> web-based IDE's.  Maybe that is an opportunity?  Or is it a pipe dream?
> ---
> So let's come together and build a difference.
> I have made the first step and created a project on codeplex  -
> http://codeplex.com/dlride. I have also written some basic requirements for
> the project in the wiki. Let we all collaborate on them.
> For everyone who want to take a part, please feel free to contact me, so I
> can give you permissions for the project on codeplex.
> Regards,
> Stefan
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