[IronPython] How to set a namespace for IronPython classes?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Fri Oct 17 06:04:29 PDT 2008

Vladimir Eremeev wrote:
> Michael Foord-5 wrote:
>> If you want to *use* those classes from .NET (say from C#) you will need 
>> to do it through the IronPython hosting API rather than directly 
>> referencing the compiled assemblies anyway.
> Do you mean this?
>  http://remark.wordpress.com/2008/09/23/running-python-from-c/

That kind of thing yes. There are a list of interesting resources on the 
subject here:


This is only for interacting with IronPython from C#. If you can do 
everything from inside IronPython - or just using C# classes from inside 
IronPython rather than the other way round - then you don't need to 
worry about the hosting API. In this case it is worth reading some 
Python tutorials to see how Python does its namespacing and application 
/ library structuring (modules and packages).


> Michael Foord-5 wrote:
>> What are you actually trying to achieve?
> Currently nothing specific, just simple experiments during the spare time. 
> I am studying the possibilities to use IronPython for development. 
> My colleagues use C#, but I don't like this language (it's subjective), I am
> looking for covenient ways to collaborate with them and to contribute the
> code for our projects.


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