[IronPython] Beta 4 or build from source?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Wed Sep 3 10:13:29 PDT 2008

Dan Eloff wrote:
> Hi All,
> Well the time has come again to upgrade to a newer version of
> IronPython. I'm tempted to try one of the source code drops instead of
> Beta 4,is there any reason I shouldn't use this morning's drop?
There have been further performance improvements from beta 4 in the 
latest code drop. Another reason to use it is that the hosting API has 
changed *again* - but hopefully for the last time!


> I'm happy to see that the performance of IronPython has been improving
> constantly. Performance is key, I've upgraded my development PC twice,
> and am running at a 20% overclock just to keep the edit, refresh,
> debug cycles down to a reasonable amount of time. A large Silverlight
> project takes a while to load in the browser :(
> Incidentally bugs in psycopg2 drove me to create a ctypes client
> library for PostgreSQL. This was my last remaining C library on the
> backend, so I'm no longer tied to CPython. I eventually (early next
> year) intend to compare IronPython on Mono to CPython 2.5 for running
> the backend server, and choose the fastest of the two for final
> testing and deployment. I expect I'll be pleasantly surprised by
> IronPython.
> -Dan
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