[IronPython] Released prototype Excel add-in making it easy to create Python add-ins

Thomas P. Boesen boesen at xefion.com
Mon Feb 16 01:55:18 PST 2009


I am thinking about creating an Excel add-in that makes it very easy to
create Excel macros / add-ins using Python (IronPython)

Any feedback about the idea will be greatly appreciated.

I have made a prototype of this add-in available here:

The add-in would be free, although not open-source.

It takes quite a bit of “plumbing” to get COM add-ins running within
Excel. My add-in would look for Python scripts in a specific directory
and automatically create Excel menu-items for all the scripts in that
directory. Hence, to get started the user just has to create a one-line
Python script and store this script in the designated folder, then he
can run the script from Excel.

There will be various other options, for example shared network
locations with scripts and connecting Excel events (e.g. OpenDoc or
SaveDoc) to scripts based on their names. Later versions might also work
with other Office programs (e.g. Word). The download-page mentioned
above contains a description of feature candidates.

:-) Thomas P. Boesen

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