[IronPython] how to use an enum from a hosted script

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Thu Feb 19 09:38:07 PST 2009

Generally what you'd do is:

import clr
from MyNamespace import NotificationTypeEnum

I have no idea where the 'Imports are disabled' exception would come from though.  If you could include the actual text of the exception that might be helpful.  Also running w/ the -X:ExceptionDetail command line and sending back that stack trace might be useful as well.

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> hi all,
>     I have IronPython hosted inside a c# project, and all goes well...
> until now when i want to use an enum c# type inside a script. For
> instance, I have in C# this declaration:
> public enum NotificationTypeEnum {Main,Detail}
> Then in a script I want to use this enum in an assignment:
> NotifMessage('some message', NotificationTypeEnum.Main)
> Where NotifMessage is a delegate expecting a string and a
> NotificationTypeEnum. When I try to run this script, IPy says that it
> does not know NotificationTypeEnum. I tried to add an Import but i get
> 'Imports are disabled'.
> Any ideas on how to pass this enumeration to a script? I am using IPy
> 1.1.
> Ernesto Cullen
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