[IronPython] [OT] RE: IronPython on Win7 Build7100

Andy Sy andy.sy at neotitans.com
Wed May 6 10:02:25 PDT 2009

Keith J. Farmer wrote:
> Might I suggest:  the fact that it doesn't have "Vista" on the label?
> Don't get me wrong, Win7 is a great advance over Vista -- I'm using it 
> exclusively at home and have been since the beta, but the only 
> differences from Vista (whch I use on my work laptop until tomorrow) 
> that I encounter day-to-day are the superbar and the smoother processing 
> (see Russinovich's video about detangling the scheduler that was passed 
> down from times long forgotten).  If you can't put your finger one a 
> reason, I suspect the reason has more to do with a (subconscious) 
> attitude about Vista that you don't have about Win7 (and Vista had a 
> *lot* of social baggage from the start that was never properly handled).

I *never* touched Vista but I have the same experience as Tim, on
my dual boot box, I choose Win7 over XP more than 90% of the time.

Win7 really feels superior to XP...

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