[IronPython] [Spec and Code Review] Python and Ruby in HTML script-tags

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 18 13:34:18 PDT 2009

The write-up of "Bringing just-text back to Silverlight" is available at the link below, and I'll take any feedback on it.

The implementation of the write-up is almost feature-complete, and I have hosted some pretty samples written by the Gestalt team here, so you can see the implementation in action (disclaimer, currently only tested in Firefox, some samples are known to not work in IE or CRASH Chrome =P ... I'm sure all my fault though):

You can find the code in the "dev/scripttags2" branch of my IronRuby GitHub fork:
Download the source code as a zip-file: http://github.com/jschementi/ironruby/zipball/dev/scripttags2

If you find any bugs, please report them on MY FORK's Issues tab (I wanted to use GitHub's issue tracking a little ... eventually I'll move them over to CodePlex when it gets checked in):

I'd like feedback on the code also, so feel free to code-review the commits so-far to enable this. They are in chronological order, so you can just click each link in order, and please leave your comments in the commit's "Comments" section at the bottom of each page.

- Beginnings of "XAP-less" Silverlight application support:
- Basic script tag support:
- dlr.js - combination of Silverlight.js and support for DLR-specific options and adding a Silverlight control to the page automatically: 
- language.config:
- Remove localApplicationRoot setting from Chiron, and downloadScripts setting from Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight:
- Download languages as they are used:
- Inline and external script-tags are now enabled for any DLR language:
- Remove margins from script-tags inline source, so white-space-sensitive languages like Python work as expected: 
- XAML script tag support and gestalt samples porting:
- Cleans up Tutorial by using new script-tag support, and enables desktop and Silverlight Tutorial tests to run with Tutorial/test.bat:
- Fixes for Microsoft.Scripting.dll and Microsoft.Dynamic.dll shuffle:


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