[IronPython] IronPy Tools for VS - Bugs

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Thu May 6 14:20:16 PDT 2010

Steve wrote:
> Judging from the text colour, strings aren't recognised until there is
> both an opening and closing quote. I am not in the habit of putting
> both quotes immediately and then typing within them (I put the first
> one, type the string and then close it) and so until I reach the end
> of the string everything I type is interpreted as an error (unexpected
> token 'NEWLINE in single-quoted string') and every time I press space
> the completion dropdown appears. Once the string is terminated
> everything works fine.
> Triple-quoted strings work fine, even though an unexpected EOF causes
> the entire block to be an error, but the text changes to string colour
> regardless. This is the behaviour I would expect for single/double
> quoted strings as well - consider everything up the the EOL a string
> and include some "unterminated" error.

Thanks, I was able to repro it, I was typing on the list line where it seems
to work fine before :)  

There's a few interesting things going on here - I'm going to increase the
delay before we report errors (currently 300ms, going to move it up to 1 
sec).  That should help with the red squiggles.  

I'm no longer getting the completions in the string due to another change
and I'll need to make some changes to the Ipy parser to fix the string
not showing up as a literal.

> > Do you know what sort of callable this was on?   E.g. a built-in
> function
> > or a Python function or something else?
> >
> I don't recall what the original one was, but I was able to reproduce
> this using str on a line by itself using these steps:
> 1. Type "str(" (parameter information "1 of 13 str()" appears)
> 2. Press space (completion dropdown appears)
> 3. Either commit or abort completion (it doesn't matter which)
> 4. Type "," (parameter information "1 of 13 str()" appears a second
> time)
> 5. Repeat steps 2-4 to get lots of tooltips.
> I also noticed that the left and right arrow keys don't affect the
> current parameter. Not having coded this myself before I'm not sure
> how one would go about adding that, but C# does it so I'm guessing
> it's just something in the command filter.

I've got this fixed.  There's still a bunch more to do here related to
looking at types and dealing w/ params and keyword arguments though.

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