[IronPython] IronPython Hosting ?

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I am a C++/cli, c# developer.  


I am also a plug-in programmer for an RPG cartography application called
Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) by ProFantasy (http://www.profantasy.com).
CC3 is a wrapper around the CAD program name FastCAD by Evolution Computing,
Inc. (http://www.fastcad.com).


FastCAD is written in Assembly.  There is C/C++ libraries to write plugins
but most plugins for FastCAD are written in Assembly.  As you can imagine,
the learning curve for plugin development is steep and the "club" of
programmers is very small. 


I've successfully created wrapper, in C++/cli around a subset of the plugin
API and exposed it to IronPython.  (It is soooo cool being able to control
CC3 with a simple .ipy text file!)


Once I have completed another project, I plan on wrapping and exposing the
entire API to IronPython.  In this way, I hope to greatly expand the "club"
of FastCAD/CC3 plugin developers.


L. Lee Saunders

Lead/Advisory Software Development Engineer


CSG Systems, Inc.

11819 Miami Street 

Mail Stop 1NP4

Omaha, NE 68164 

Work:  <mailto:lee_saunders at csgsystems.com> lee_saunders at csgsystems.com

Personal:  <mailto:saunderl at hotmail.com> saunderl at hotmail.com



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I'm trying to gather information and concrete examples about IronPython
hosting.  I'll sift through some of the old email, but I'd super appreciate
if you could send me some info about hosting IronPython if you're doing
that.  The questions I'd have are:


* Briefly what are your goals for hosting (e.g., app scripting for users,
biz rule execution, feature development of your app, etc.)?

* What kind of host application do you have, or what is its main purpose?

* Briefly what are the key features of hosting that you count on or use
(e.g., supplying host globals to the hosted IronPython code, accessing
IronPython variables, interop with the dynamic objects, namespace isolation
with scopes, multi-instanced ScriptRuntime in an AppDomain, etc.)?


I really appreciate your time and responses!






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