[IronPython] ArenaNet's Use of IronPython

Steve Baer steve at mcneel.com
Wed Mar 16 09:46:42 PDT 2011

Just in case anyone is interested in "who's using IronPython", we're using 
it on both our Windows and Mac versions of Rhino

We are currently using 2.6.2, but will be switching over to 2.7 hopefully 
within a month (our automated build process is undergoing some major changes 
right now...)

I've been extremely happy with how IronPython has been working for our 
customers and the continued progress.  The availability of numpy is great 
news since we have gotten a lot of questions about this specific package 
from our user community.

Thanks for all of the hard work.

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From: Jeff Hardy
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That's awesome. I think it might be time to start a "Who's using
IronPython" page somewhere.

The upgrade to 2.7 should be pretty seamless, BTW. Is there anything
that you're missing? Anything that would make your use case easier?

- Jeff

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