[IronPython] Reading from a open excel document

Nåjde Henrik henrik.najde at volvo.com
Thu Mar 17 05:30:21 PDT 2011

Thanks a lot Bruce !
That solved my problem :)

I dont really know what I am talking about but anyway:
This scritp dosent access the actual .xls file itself, instead it communicates with the excel application telling it what to to with the sheet.

The code now looks like this and works just fine. If I hade the time i would try to learn more about the correct syntax for accessing cells since this script probably can be done in a better way. That would probably also alow me to transfer parametrs from ansys to excel (that is not working now) but I dont think I am going to have any need for that so Ill just let it be. Once again thanks for the help


- - - - - - - - - S C R I P T - - - - - - - - -

# IronPython imports to enable Excel interop, this file shows how a parameter is exported from excel to workbench
# Modified versin that enables interaction with the active sheet in a an open workbook

import clr

from System.Runtime.InteropServices import Marshal
Excel = Marshal.GetActiveObject("Excel.Application")

def updateHandler():

 #Define Key ranges in the Workbook
 ExcelCell_A = worksheet.Range["A3"].Text
 ExcelCell_B = worksheet.Range["B3"].Text

 #Get The Workbench Parameters
 # P1,P2,... not the "Name"
 lengthParam_A = Parameters.GetParameter(Name="P1")
 lengthParam_B = Parameters.GetParameter(Name="P2")

 #Assign values to the input parameters
 lengthParam_A.Expression = ExcelCell_A

 #Run the project update

 #Update the workbook value from the WB parameter, !!dosent work!!
 ExcelCell_B = lengthParam_B

#Select the workbook and worksheet

#Run the update
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You might want to try
Parameter1 = worksheet.Range["A1"].Value


Parameter1 = worksheet.Range["A1"].Text

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 9:49 AM, Nåjde Henrik <henrik.najde at volvo.com<mailto:henrik.najde at volvo.com>> wrote:

I am trying to transfer prameters from an excel sheet to ANSYS Workbench (a FEA software), the code is run as a macro in ANSYS workbench.

I have adapted a code that is opening an already existing document and successfully transfers parameters from it, so I know that what i want to do can be done.
The problem is that I cant access a already open document and read from it, using instructions from http://www.ironpython.info/index.php/Interacting_with_Excel
For error-seraching I have created a new code looking like this:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
#Part 1
import clr

from System.Runtime.InteropServices import Marshal
Excel = Marshal.GetActiveObject("Excel.Application")

#Part 2
workbook = Excel.ActiveWorkbook     #gives no error
worksheet = workbook.ActiveSheet     #errror

worksheet = Excel.ActiveSheet          #no error
Parameter1 = worksheet.Range["A1"]    # error

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The problem is that when trying to access a excel "workbook" with the command "worksheet=workbook.ActiveSheet" as descriped in the above link I get an error message.

If i instead chose to use "worksheet = Excel.ActiveSheet" I get no error message, but when I continue to access a cell on the active sheet, the script still fails.
I am trying to read the cell using "Parameter1 = worksheet.Range["A3"]"

It seems to me that the script fails at the point where I try to select the workbook or the worksheet, but I have really no clue.

Does anyone know the correct way to access an open workbook and read from the active sheet?


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